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About Us

The son of a roofer, and a roofer himself, my father, began Willoughby Supply with a vision based on the simple goal of unmatched customer service. Three decades later, we continue his dream with an enduring commitment to delivering the right products on time, every time. In addition, we have begun looking for other areas of focus that will enable Willoughby Supply to assist our customers’ revenue and profit growth through more reliable service offerings, education and idea exchange.

The Willoughby Supply Team is constantly striving to provide the absolute highest level of customer service. Through true teamwork, including branches that collaborate with each other, Willoughby is able to tackle many obstacles before they arise and consistently accommodate almost any customer request. The level of drive, intelligence, professionalism, enthusiasm and genuine caring within our team is unsurpassed. I don’t think there is a finer collection of people assembled on one team anywhere. Our Team continues to amaze me.

Our business depends on our customers’ success, it’s that simple. At Willoughby Supply, we understand that a business is either growing or dying. Further, we recognize that if we focus on assisting our customers in growing their businesses, we really don’t need to spend much time focusing on our own growth. That’s what we mean when we say, we don’t want to just sell materials; we want to help our customers grow their businesses. We’ll look to provide the solution needed which may not necessarily be the product or the amount of product we’d do best by selling. That philosophy achieves success on all critical levels, beginning with the ultimate customer who will receive a high quality and lasting new roof and extending through the roofing contractor, to Willoughby Supply and into all of the high quality manufacturers that we represent. 

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In addition to the most reliable service in the industry, we help our customers thrive by providing:

Red.Arrow A better understanding of their cost of doing business

Red.Arrow Logistical solutions to increase profits

Red.Arrow Sales tips and solutions to increase revenue and profits

Red.Arrow A consistently trained staff who will represent our contractor customers with the utmost professionalism while on their jobsites, ensuring optimal referral value for our partners

Red.Arrow Continuing education through Willoughby Supply University and Lunch-And-Learn seminars.
     Red.Arrow WSU classes are free, are taught by business professionals, and cover topics such as “Improving Profits by Knowing Your Numbers” and “How to Survive & Prosper in the Contracting Market”.
     Red.Arrow Lunch-And-Learn sessions are also free, are facilitated by the Manufacturers we represent, and are system/product educational opportunities designed specifically for the roofing trades

Red.Arrow One stop-shop for receiving the new roofing materials and hauling the old roof away

In 2013, we celebrated our 30th anniversary. We could not have achieved this if it wasn’t for ambitious, growth-minded roofing contractors who are as passionate as we are about delivering a great customer experience. From one location in 1983, we’ve expanded to nine branches in Ohio, three branches in Florida and more than 200 team members. As Willoughby continues to grow, we will do so at a more rapid pace, however I assure you, we will never stop improving the high level of service our customers expect. Additionally you will see us roll out new service and product offerings along the way to assist growth-minded roofing contractors.

On behalf of my family, I offer my sincerest thanks to the loyal contractors, the dedicated employees and the manufacturer partners who have been a part of this successful journey during the last 30+ years and continue to support Willoughby! I truly appreciate and admire all of our partners, team members and customers, and I personally am eager to continue growing in the WilloughbyWay for decades to come.

Whether you are searching for a rewarding and challenging career or searching for a partner who can help make your business run more efficiently, I assure you Team Willoughby Supply is your solution. Thank you for visiting our website, I hope you will find it an informative glimpse of Willoughby Supply Company.

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Albert A Romanini

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